Friday, 16 June 2017


No picture today.

We're not even calling it Summer break this year.

Our deepest sympathy and compassion to the Grenfell victims, their families and friends.

Our heartfelt gratefulness to all those, in uniform or without it, who so selflessly came as soon as they could and did all they possibly could do.

Nameless heroes are always the bravest ones.

As for us, we'll return when we feel we should.


  1. No picture required the one ingrained in all our minds will be of that blazing monster of a block burning. Heartfelt words I can only echo.
    I hope your return is not too far in the distance.You are missed.

  2. Hi,enjoy your summer,here in the uk its uncertain times not knowing where the next tragedy will unfold.Politically its too close to call,now that Farron has resigned,Clegg is no longer an MP a coalition again? who knows.
    The McCann case will see silence until the late summer/ early Autumn when a decision will be made on further funding,as long as the PJ continue so will SY,they know not what the pj are up to having ruled out their own ridiculous idea of a burgaltor.
    The only certainty is that the british summer will remain changeable a couple of warm/hot days followed by a thunder storm.Enjjoy!

  3. Search dogs being sent in.
    And it's not for living people

    1. It was after big catastrophes that rescue teams observed sniffer dogs reacting differently. Some would run away from cadaver scent, others not. As the emergency was to rescue first thing, they started to select the dogs.
      Pearl was the first (she)dog trained to alert to human remains in the State of NY.


  5. Thanks Textusa - for the time and effort you have put in to help enable the truth to emerge. A really heartfelt thanks.

  6. Enjoy your break xxx to think all the money "saved" on reducing police numbers
    etc etc paid for Operation Grange!!!!


    A decent journalist from channel 4

    I think the numbers are being drip fed

    Angry people

  10. A young guy called Peaky Saku has plenty to say about this, he was very articulate when interviewed on an internet radio programme. He was on the BBC news and swore so was quickly dismissed. He later apologised but he was so angry and rightly so. He had done his figures and asked where a huge missing amount had gone during the refurbishment.
    He and few other people were talking about the 'gentrification' of the area which was already in progress and the cosmetic face lift to the building was more to do with this than improving it physically.

    Losing every single possession must be terrible for survivors to enable them to carry on. The smallest thing such as access to cash would be a nightmare if there was no time to pick up a purse or wallet. How do you get to a bank and then prove who you are? Where can adequately house hundreds of people in such a small area? The logistics are horrendous, where will these people eventually be rehoused nearby so they can stay within their community and children stay at their own school? Some may be lucky enough to have relatives who can put them up short term but many will have no-one to rely on.


    The unsurprising Sun at its best.

  12. Maybe I'm alone here but I do feel the McCann case is over.

    1. Anonymous 16 Jun 2017, 23:32:00,

      Operation Grange will have to come to some sort of public conclusion.

      Case far (as in distance, not in time) from over.

    2. Thanks for your response.

    3. The Portuguese say 'those who want all, lose all'

      The result of the elections have gone really bad for the other side and Bilton's procrapgramme has gained new importance.

      To explain it properly it has to be done with time and that's when we will do it.

    4. Nice play on a word there,look forward to the explanation.

  13. Textusa i was I was going to ask where your 3rd part of the evaluation of the panarama program was but I'm just catching up on the horrors of grenfell after my hols and I see now there are more important things in life at present that the nonsense that was Richard Billon, Clarence Mitchell and co. The event of this summer in Britian should make everybody involved in this farse hang their head in shame

  14. There is no overall coordination from Kensington council - no central point, no info for families, no officials taking control
    If we had a major incident involving thousands, we would be hopeless in UK in dealing with it.
    Hospitals firsts priority is treatment.
    Who do they approach from Kensington to reunite the children?
    They need officials for listing Missing and reuniting, clothing and food, finding accommodation.
    Instead there is a vacuum of info
    A completely disgraceful shambles.taking place with emergency services cut to the bone in austerity measures which don't affect the wealthy.
    A wake up call for anyone who voted for these incompetent politicians

  15. So terribly sad for the victims of fire, both at Grenfell Tower and in the terrible forest fires in Portugal. That such dreadful events should happen on the same weekend is unbelievable. Our hearts go out to all involved ... those injured or killed, their families and friends, and the emergency services who have had to face unimaginable scenes of horror.

    No words are enough.

  16. Mr Corbyn compared the tragedy with the Hillsborough disaster and child abuse Mr Corbyn getting to the end of his tether with cover ups


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